Who are we?

ARC Industries is an international conglomerate with a variety of interests spanning from manufacturing to real estate development. ARC Industries was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Our Portfolio of Companies


Granite Granite

 Granite Granite Inc. is a nationwide distributer of a large selection of granite, marble, quartzites, and semi-precious slabs through exclusive relationships with some of the most prestigious quarries around the globe. Based out of offices in the United States, Brazil, Spain, India, China, and Malaysia our experienced inspectors and purchasers are able to source the best materials from around the globe. 


ARC Cabinetry

ARC Cabinetry is a manufacturer of high quality ready to assemble cabinetry products. Using cutting edge manufacturing processes, ARC Cabinetry has established an international footprint with ARC Cabinetry products available through its dealer/distributor networks throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.


VLM Investments

VLM Investments specializes in industrial asset development, repositioning, and management. With over 20 acres and over 150,000 square feet of industrial space in its portfolio, VLM Investments is an established General Partner with a strong track record of developing Class A industrial product in the southern United States.



QuantumStone is a manufacturer of quartz slabs with factories in Malaysia, India, and Spain. QuantumStone products are manufactured under very strict quality control utilizing latest Italian technology using Breton machines. QuantumStone brings only the finest and highest quality products to the homes of customers around the world. 


Veneziano Surface Solutions

Veneziano Surface Solutions is a specialized contractor operating throughout the continental United States offering full service manufacturing, logistical, and on-site support for some of the the country's largest multifamily developers. Veneziano Surface Solutions is proud to work alongside many developers who are constantly in the Top 25 Multi-Family Developers list in the United States.


ARC Racking Systems

ARC Racking Systems is a premier supplier of heavy duty racking systems. The experienced design and engineering team works with large scale industrial warehouse tenants to design optimized racking systems specific to the requirements of the business. Each racking solution is customized to the client and ensures that the business can maximize space and increase inventory.


ARC Impex

ARC Impex was acquired with the goal for it to become the exclusive logistics and procurement company within the ARC Industries portfolio. ARC Impex specializes in global shipping, import, export, and raw commodities procurement throughout the globe. With strong relationships with some of the worlds largest shipping lines, ARC Impex is able to make the entire logistical process seamless.

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